Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Tuesday, September 23

It’s the first official day of Fall, and we were a little worried about what that might mean for our daily COED Instagram feed–and it sure seems like it got dark early for Iesha Marie. The good news is that it doesn’t seem that Iesha had to bundle up for the night. In fact, she almost got undressed–which was just the kind of motivation we needed to get through another (suddenly) warm day here at COED.

Of course, the change of seasons only means that some models get on planes and start shooting wherever it’s warm. Leila Dee Thomas sure found herself a hot place on the water, and the same goes for Lara Cole, Naressa Valdez, Paige Hathaway, and Natalia Barulich–although Natalia seems to be warming herself up with a very small shred of blanket, so maybe it’s getting colder there.

We’re sure getting hot over Doreen Seidel enjoying some cold beer for Oktoberfest, and Anna Faith rocking out while almost busting out of her Slayer t-shirt. You might have to look carefully to see that Slayer logo, but it’s there. We’re pretty sure you’ll be staring really hard at it–just like these other pics will get your rockin’ hard into a Hump Day…

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