The “F*** It, I Quit” Anchor Explains Why She F***ing Quit [VIDEO]

charlo greene

Alaskan TV reporter Charlo Greene set the Internet on fire yesterday with the unusual way she quit her TV reporting job. Today, she posted a video explaining why she told her bosses, her fellow anchors, her viewers and the FCC “F*** it, I quit” live on the air.

Greene, whose real name is Charlene Egby, said in a video posted on the YouTube account of the Alaskan Cannabis Club that she felt she had to devote her full time to her new cause of establishing marijuana legalization in Alaska and across the nation. She also took umbrage with the misinformation that’s been put out about the drug, and she seemed to feel somewhat implicit in perpetrating those myths as a TV reporter.

So naturally, all that tension began to build into a raging torrent until it flew out of her in the form of a giant expletive. All the attention her little stunt created is starting to pay off in a big way. She’s not only drawn some attention to her new cause, but she also managed to raise money for the Club through an IndieGoGo campaign practically overnight. We’ll let her explain why she did what she did below in the embedded video…

We’re more than a little awed by Greene (or Egby’s) actions. It takes balls to do what she did in the way that she did it–especially for a cause that she clearly believes needs to be addressed.

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