Shaq Crushed A Bon Jovi Song At An LSU Bar Last Weekend [VIDEO]

Shaq Lead

Unless you played against Shaquille O’Neal on the court, it takes a special breed of person to dislike The Big Baryshnikov (to choose one of Shaq’s many nicknames). He seems like he’s a lot fun and not afraid to joke around a have a good time.

This past weekend, The Big eQuotatious attended the LSU vs. Mizzou home opener (he’s an LSU grad). Yes, the LSU Tigers lost their home opener, but that wasn’t about to stop Wilt Chamberneezy from having a blast at LSU bar Fred’s in Tigerland where he got onstage and sang Bon Jovi’s “Shot Through The Heart” with a college band.

TMZ Sports has the footage from that show.

Awesome stuff right? With just one appearance, he absolutely made those kids’ lives. How many people can say they got to hang out with The Big IPO himself?

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