Hackers Claim Stolen Emma Watson Nudes Released At Midnight


Emma Watson

Edit: Annnnnnnd we took the bait.

In response to Emma Watson’s “HerforShe” feminism speech that Emma gave at the UN, hackers have threatened to release nude photos of her at midnight tonight. And you know what, that’s fucking bullshit.

Emma Watson nudes are something that I think every single dude in the entire universe has been looking forward to. It’s the #1 reason why her name is associated with most computer viruses in the world–guys love Emma. And why wouldn’t they? Not only is she hot, it was almost never going to happen. We’re talking about a woman who’s devoted her life to one of privacy.

So the fact that these thieves are now going to use Emma’s nude photos “against” a speech that some found to be pretty inspiring is a sack of shit.

I’m not going to stand here and defend those who have or haven’t looked at the Fappening 1 or Fappening 2 photos (because guess what, most people have) but I will go ahead and say that the people who are doing this–if they’re actually serious–are a gazillion times more slimey than Spooky Ghost or whoever the hell it was who released those all those nudes.

Am I going to look at them? No comment. Every single one of these women involved in The Fappenings have been violated–no one can argue against that–but this just stinks to me personally a lot more.

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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