Charlotte Mckinney May Be The Hottest Nurse Ever [PHOTOS]

You already know that bombshell blonde Charlotte Mckinney makes for one hell of a model, but we gotta say that she also looks like she’d be a pretty fantastic nurse.

Charlotte is the most recent subject of Galore Magazine‘s “Faces of Terror,” a photo series where they insert gorgeous ladies (like Hannah Ferguson who played a cheerleader) into the roles of B movies. It’s a really creative way of putting some of our favorite names in sexy costumes, all in the name of fashion.

Yes, we’re excited to see who comes next in the “Faces of Terror” series but we don’t want to detract from the fact that these photos of Charlotte are some of our new favorites. It’s hard to beat a hot nurse rocking a handbra. Just sayin’.

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Brittany Hertig Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]
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