40 Funniest Falling FAIL GIFs of All Time to For the First Day of Fall

It’s the first day of Fall, which is also known as Autumn, but we prefer Fall because you can’t really make fun of people autumning in GIFs. If we had a collection of Autumn Fail GIFs, it would just be a bunch of people getting flat tires while getting ready to drive around New England to enjoy the leaves changing.

These GIFs are a lot more fun. You’re about to see people failing and falling in very creative ways. You’d think that some of these people were out to get royalties on funny falling GIFs. Sadly, you do not get paid royalties on GIFs. If that was the case, then Jennifer Lawrence would only make movies so that she could cash in while falling over steps while accepting her awards. Now celebrate Fall with some really award-worthy falling fails–although not everyone in these is as hot as Jennifer Lawrence….

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