Oktoberfest 2014: Hottest Girls Of The Festival [PHOTOS]

It was a big weekend for beer, as pretty much the whole world set out to enjoy Oktoberfest–which officially launched in Munich on Saturday, and is carrying on until October 10th. And, as always, Oktoberfest is no Sausage Fest. Actually, we’re sure that sausage plays a big part in lots of Oktoberfest celebration. We really just mean that Oktoberfest is also about built babes dressed up as bar maidens in sexy dirndls that have cleavage overflowing like so many beer mugs.
We’ve already looked back at the Breasts of Oktoberfests Past, and things you didn’t know about Oktoberfest, but now it’s time to celebrate the gals who got out this weekend and lifted a mug to a great tradition. We have sexy Instagram pics chronicling Oktoberfest femmes in everywhere from Munich to St. Louis, which sure knows a lot about beer itself. You’ll be ogling the best of college parties and pub events, with bountiful beer babes spilling out of  their dresses while both serving and drinking beer.
And we’ve added in a few comely customers, just because we don’t think a lady has to wear the traditional German dirndl to be a true Oktoberfest maiden. Also, you’ll notice that there are really a lot more than 100 hotties of Oktoberfest, but it’s just one of those things where their our cups were overflowing…

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The Top 40 Sexiest Instagram Pics of the Week [September 15 – 20th]
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