Emma Watson Visits UN, Secretary General Gets Goofy [PICS]

Emma Watson United Nations

Emma Watson went to the United Nations and gave a 12-minute speech about worldwide gender equality, and everyone paid attention to the 24-year-old actress because, Holy Christ, it’s Emma Watson. That’s cool. Emma was speaking for a good cause. Gender equality is important because we’re sick of having to change out the water bottles all the time while the CollegeCandy staff file their fingernails and watch their soap operas. [photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty]

Still, we think that Emma was exceptionally unequal today–as captured in the above pic of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon going all gaga over the gal. Check him out in that pic: “Oh, Emma, I’m so glad you’re here to help make everyone so enlightened, and I know that’s thirsty work, so let me pour you some generic water that I bought at Dollar General because I’m too cheap to buy you Poland Spring Water, which is what they’d be serving you if you were over at the COED offices right now.”

Yeah, he’s a dork. We’re not sure why Emma Watson is wasting her time with him, except that it’s, like, some kind of global platform. Anyway, you can see Emma addressing the UN here, or you can just be checking out her hottest GIFs, or Emma in a bikini, or maybe some more hot Emma Watson pics below. It is your choice, because we believe in freedom here at COED…

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