Both Stings Return to the Ring in New "WWE 2K15" Trailer [VIDEO]

2K Sports is bringing us another WWE game, and the one’s bringing back a familiar face to the ring. More accurately, we’re getting two familiar faces, since WWE 2K15 has a very special offer for anyone pre-ordering the game. You can get two–yes, two–Stings as part of a special download. That means a playing choice between the dark ‘n sinister WWE version or the WCW incarnation of a purple-faced blonde.
This trailer is the first to feature footage of the new wrestling game in action and it actually looks really good assuming that it’s the version for the next generation consoles. The version for the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be released first on Oct. 28th followed by the PS4 and Xbox One versions on Nov. 18th. Just like all the previous games, it’s got the full roster of WWE wrestlers from the current roster to the throwback days of the WWE (or the WWF, as we called it before that outfit that stands up for pandas won their court case)…
It’s amazing how far the technology in graphics and movement has come with these new consoles. We might know it’s a video game but if you showed us the footage without the trailer, it might be a bit hard to tell it apart from the real thing. And no, that wasn’t a joke about how wrestling is fake.

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