Woman Who Won the Week: Iggy Azalea Busts Out Some “Booty” [PICS]

Iggy Azalea is the hottest Australian export since fried Vegemite, and she’s spent the last two years blowing up pop charts worldwide and she definitely seized every one of the past seven days (butt-first) to make her our Woman Who Won the Week. [photo via…]

Topping Iggy’s conquest was her stealing the heinie heat from Jennifer Lopez in J-Lo’s bottom-intensive music video, “Booty”. Fulfilling the fanny-tastic promise of the song’s title, the clip depicts the sizable seated wonder from Down Under going outback-to-outback up against all-time Bronx badonka goddess. It’s a rump-pumping onslaught of hard beats, lusty thrusting, and gloriously gluteus-fixated girl/girl grope-gyrations–much like when we highlighted Iggy’s public flirtation with Rita Ora, and all of Iggy’s most gyrating GIFs, and even more “Booty” GIFs.

Further endearing Iggy to us are reports of adult-entertainment studio Vivid potentially issuing a sex tape starring the 24-year-old natural blonde as she goes down and gets off on the mic of her ex-boyfriend, Houston-based rapper Wine O. The prospect of witnessing Iggy go from hip-hop to hardcore is enticing enough, but we’re further charmed by her insistence at first that A) it isn’t her in the video, and then B) maybe it is her and maybe it isn’t but she’ll sue anybody who releases it, and most recently C) it is her, but that tape was stolen, so she’ll double-super extra-sue anybody and everybody involved.

To date, Vivid has only ever put out celebrity sex tapes with the (sometimes up-front, sometimes background) participation of the stars involved—be they Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Farrah Abraham, Octomom, or Chuy Bravo. The notion that Vivid would recklessly break from such a legally protective precedent, even for a property as hot (in every sense) as Iggy Azalea, seems as likely as any of us never watching that “Bootie” video again. Now reports indicate that Wine O may have actually possess a signed agreement from Iggy that empowers him to peddle their homemade hump show.

Regardless, Iggy, keep your chin up and your caboose chugging. You’ve won the week–and who could ass for anything more?

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