The NFL Vows to Rewrite Their Personal Conduct Policy

roger goodell

The NFL has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to its outdated and underwhelming enforcement of players who get in trouble off the field. So NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took to the mic to explain how the league plans to change the way it punishes players in order to save his job, er, correct their mistakes.

Goodell announced at a press conference on Friday that the league would draft a brand new personal conduct policy in the wake of incidents involving suspended players such as Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson accused of assaulting family members. He made a stern warning to the press that the league would consider any punishment for such behavior noting that “Nothing is off the table.”

He also issued a formal apology for not acting faster on the Ray Rice matter. However, he stepped in a huge bear trap when he failed to express any sympathy or outpouring of support for the victims involved in these cases. That led to a whole new wave of backlash against Goodell including from some former players such as former New England Patriot Tedy Bruschi who told ESPN, “We need someone to go up there and be a leader.”

Even if Goodell’s intentions are good (and considering that it took him almost 10 days just to address these issues, the likelihood of that slim at best), he’s really done a horrible job of even just admitting that the NFL has had a problem controlling its players. They better draft some kind of personal conduct policy that makes the heavens part and sprouts rainbows because Goodell is bound to step in another bear trap and he’s only got one leg left.

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