Bewitching Birthday Wishes to Asia Argento [21 PICS]

Exotic Roman-born danger babe Asia Argento is the daughter of extreme horror filmmaker Dario Argento (Deep Red, Suspiria, Tenebre, Creepers) and actress Daria Nicolodi, an luscious occult enthusiast who claims her grandmother was a strega—Italian for “witch.” With a background that alluringly spooky, it only makes sense that Asia grew up to be not only spellbindingly beautiful but imbued with an otherworldly sexiness that truly embodies the concept of “scary hot.” Today, Asia turns 38, and she remains a blazing pyre of gothic glamour and black magic enticement. [photo via…]

After an acclaimed start as a child actress in Italian-language films, 18-year-old Asia debuted topless in the 1993 fright film Trauma, the greatest shock of which is that the movie was directed by her father! She peeled bare again in Papa Dario’s The Stendahl Syndrome (1996) and Mother of Tears (2007), as well as in seventeen other productions, including her torrid tour-de-force as a bisexual kink fiend in Scarlet Diva (2000), which she wrote and directed herself, and in Go Go Tales (2007), where she portrays a dog-loving stripper (we’re serious: she tongue kisses a Rottweiler on stage at a naked dance club).

Asia’s career hasn’t exclusively been gore-in-the-family films and arthouse outrages, though. In the early 2000s, Hollywood attempted to break Asia into mainstream stardom by casting her opposite Vin Diesel in xXx and showcasing her angel-faced pubic-region tattoo on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Asia, alas, proved too potent for average entertainment seekers. As a result, she upped her involvement with avant-garde filmmakers, cutting-edge musicians, and underground provocateurs, transforming even further into a sex siren who comes off as fueled by menace and mayhem. That she is a doting mom now, too, only adds to her complex carnal appeal.

Happy birthday, Asia Argento. Long may you raise more than just our hairs…

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