Kindly Myers: Warm Up For Her Birthday With Hot Photos [PICS]

Kindly Myers is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, and that’s the kind of thing that can’t wait for the weekend. In fact, we’re pretty sure that Kindly started celebrating several hours ago. But if you can’t make it down to Nashville for the festivities, then join us for a celebration of Kindly’s amazing Instagram account.
It’s sure helped get us through the year, with Kindly being a regular presence in our daily roundup of 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos. We think there have been a few days when Kindly’s been responsible for 20 sexiest photos in a single day. That includes Kindly’s own snapshots and the professional pics that she shares with her adoring fans.
If you’re not following Kindly, then you’ll want to start now–and we’re having to assume that you must’ve missed out on Kindly as a Miss COED, because that was enough to get us following Kindly anywhere. We sure followed her through a very hot summer. Most of these pics are pulled from the past several months, so you can see that Kindly has only gotten better over the past year. Now check out these pics that’ll make you feel better for missing Kindly’s birthday…

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