Kaya Scodelario Gets Boys Running Through "The Maze Runner" [PICS]

We’d be pretty pleased about The Maze Runner even without Kaya Scodelario in the cast, since it’s the first futuristic dystopia tweener film in a long time that lets boys take the lead. Also, it has a very important lesson for young men that we won’t address to avoid spoiler territory. You’ll know it when it happens, though–and, yeah, it’s cool if your grown ass wants to see the movie.  [photo via…]
Kaya Scodelario makes a fine excuse, too. We’re always very excited when a cast member from the sexy UK series Skins breaks out big in the States, and Kaya is just as alluring as small-screen immigrants like Kathryn Prescott and Janet Montgomery. Her fellow London citizens sure won’t be surprised to see Kaya breaking out big in America. After all, Kaya started out in Skins with barely any dialogue, and ended up being the sole cast member kept around when the show went on to a major revamping.
We were also thinking about Kaya earlier this week while writing about Jessica Biel, who shares scenes with her in last year’s The Truth About Emanuel. We’re also hoping that Tiger House gets an American release, since we’d like to see Kaya as an injured gymnast trying to survive a hostile home invasion. But let’s start Kaya’s own American invasion by supporting The Maze Runner at the multiplex this weekend–for the boys, and one specific girl…

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