Become a God With This "Interstellar" Universe Creation Game

Have you ever wanted to control your own universe? Did you wish you had god-like powers to create the cosmos and massive solar systems? Are you willing to scale back your extremely lofty goals just a tad in order to fulfill them? A new game popped up on the website for the movie Interstellar that will allow you to do just that.
The upcoming movie starring Matthew McConaughey is about a team of astronauts heading into the deep unknown of space in the hopes of finding a new home planet. So the new browser simulation game lets you build an entire universe from the ground up (or whatever is considered to be “the ground” in outer space) from the sun that heats all the planets to the number of orbits surrounding it. You can also customize each heavenly body in your solar system from the texture of the planet to the eerie colored glow that they radiate in the dark recesses of outer space. Once you’re done creating your own universe, you can explore the universes that other gods near you have made by traveling to them in a unique exploration game. You’re given a certain amount of fuel to travel to other universes and you can replenish your supply by learning how to orbit planets and suns.
It’s an ingenious way to promote a movie. They could have just thrown up a simple Asteroids clone or a polished remake of Lunar Lander but this is way more fun and gives us god-like powers we never thought we’d have in our lifetime.

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