Alison Lohman Turns 35 — Here's 35 Reasons We Miss Her [PICS]

Alison Lohman is missing in action, but we’re assuming that she’s turning 35 years old today while still looking like a teenager. A totally legal teenager, of course, which is why we’re also missing Alison Lohman today. Maybe Gamer wasn’t such a great movie, but Drag Me to Hell is still a nifty horror movie. Sadly, those two 2009 productions mark the last time that Alison has gone in front of the cameras. [photo: Francois Durand/Getty]
That’s pretty puzzling, since Alison Lohman was one of Hollywood’s hottest starlets for a while. She really broke through in 2002’s White Oleander, where she was in her 20s and safely passing for a teen in a demanding role.  She followed that up with great roles in the cultish (and critically acclaimed) Matchstick Men and Big Fish, which had her working with, respectively, directors like Ridley Scott and Tim Burton.
Alison followed that up with a sexy turn in Where the Truth Lies, where she went lesbianic as a reporter investigating a 1950s Hollywood scandal. Then it was a mainstream turn in the 2006 horse flick Flicka, and Drag Me to Hell, and a turn for her director husband in Gamer–and then Alison just kind of disappeared.
The real culprit might be her husband, who turned Alison into a MILF and might have prompted some early retirement. Now we’re just hoping for a big comeback before she ends up as as one of the hot girls of Throwback Thursday. Fortunately, we have 35 birthday pics to remember Alison by today. They’ll also make her disappearing act seem even more like a tragedy, but you’ll get cheered up…

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