Fanny Neguesha is Single — Celebrate With Her Hottest Instagram Photos

Mario Balotelli might be one of Europe’s most popular soccer stars, but he can still occasionally stumble–like when he screwed up his engagement to Fanny Neguesha back in June. Now it looks like Balotelli has bungled even more by scoring with a fan of his new Liverpool team. That’s put an end to rumors that Fanny Neguesha was considering a reconciliation.

Actually, according to some sordid details in the UK’s Sunday Mirror, Balotelli was trying to have his sexy supermodel and…um, eat his fans, too. We mean that the guy hooked up with soccer fan Emily Dalton, but called the next day to announce that they’d now be “good friends” so Balotelli could get back with Fanny.

We’re not sure if the soccer star was being delusional–but we can’t blame the guy for hoping that Fanny would take him back. We’re also really happy that Fanny has kicked the cad to the curb, and reportedly is back to being a single gal. Which seems to free up Abigail Clancy as the clear leader in the Hot Soccer WAGs league.

Hopefully, Fanny has learned that she can’t trust those millionaire sports playboys. She should be dating humble but hardworking types who can really appreciate her for her mind. Also, we appreciate her Instagram pics, and we’ve put together a portfolio to help Fanny shop around for her next true love–which could be us, although we’ll admit that Emily Dalton gal is pretty hot…

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