"The Evil Within" Trailer Looks Like One Sick Good Time [VIDEO]

Bethesda Softworks has a new game on the horizon and it looks totally sick and for once, we mean “sick” by the original definition of the word. The game makers released a new trailer for the survival horror game The Evil Within for the Tokyo Game Show. 
Players will take control of Detective Sebastian Castellanos who is trapped at the scene of a grisly mass murder after some kind of evil completely decimated his fellow officers who responded to the call. He awakens in a dark and sinister place filled with vicious murderers, deadly traps and some kind of unworldly evil that has taken hold of the place and the creatures that roam inside of it. The game doesn’t reveal what this supernatural force is or even its reasons for laying waste to humanity. Part of the fun of the game is being left in the dark (figuratively and literally) and having to unravel the story as you progress through each grisly level. The game really wants you to feel as though you are experiencing true survival horror and hiding such a big chunk of the story is an ingenious way of doing it. Check out the trailer below in the embedded video if you dare…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY1anKdgbk0&w=600&h=338]
It looks like a cross between one of those really twisted Japanese horror movies and a Saw sequel that we’re actually looking forward to watching. If it’s as scary and violent as the trailer promises it will be, then we’re in for one happy Halloween.

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