New Wristband Can Tell You and Your Friends How Drunk You Are [VIDEO]

If you go out for a night of drinking, you should always do it with a couple of friends so you’re not spending the night in a gutter or accidentally stumble into someone else’s home that you think is your own. A new device called “Vive” makes it easier for you and your friends to determine just how drunk you are.
The device is a wristband that can determine your level of intoxication and displays the results on your iPhone and your friends’ wristbands. It not only measures the level of dehydration and alcohol in your system but it also requires the user to check in at certain intervals to make sure that their memory and motor skills are still functioning at their peak condition. If you get separated from your friends during the course of the evening and your intoxication levels get a little high or you fail to check in by pressing the wristband, your friends will receive an alert and know that it’s time to start looking for your drunk ass before things get out of hand and you end up violating a public intoxication law or do something that makes the front page of the Huffington Post’s “Weird News” section. Check out a demo of the new device below in the embedded video…
[vimeo 100858369 w=600 h=281]
This is actually a genius idea because as anyone who has been out drinking with a group of friends knows, it’s very hard to gauge just how drunk someone is when you’ve been drinking with them. Now we no longer have to test their level of trashed by seeing if they are willing to run head first into a wall or drink Tabasco, even if that is a more fun way of doing it.

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