Frat House Served a Bunch of British Delicacies for Dinner [VIDEO]


Today’s fraternities have personal chefs who can cook up their favorite dishes. A personal frat chef for the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the Illinois Institute of Technology got tired of making the same batches of burritos and chicken tenders for his boys. So he decided to fly in a gourmet chef from New York to help him cook up some British delicacies for his hungry frat house.
Chef Lee Tiernan and host of the VICE food series Munchies flew out to Chicago’s Delta Tau Delta house to help their personal chef Chris Buccheri make up the delicious British treats. The pair cooked up such British delicacies as tripe skewers (aka pig stomach), Manchester style scotch eggs fried in blood pudding and salted rockfish salad served with a pomegranate molasses and fermented turnip juice dressing.
So it doesn’t sound as appetizing as Chipotle–but the reactions from the frat boys were actually quite varied as they dug into the British treats. You can watch the results for yourself below in the embedded video and even get some recipes for these British meals if you dare to try them out for yourself…
When we heard the words “British food,” we immediately cringed because it can be one of the world’s blander and (let’s just say) more interesting world cuisines. This is a nation that considers beans on toast as comfort food instead of a meal invented by a single guy who hasn’t been to a grocery store in a month. However, these dishes actually look pretty appealing. We never thought we’d say this but we’ve actually got a craving for some pig stomach right about now.

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