33 Sexy Shots As Eugenia Volodina Turns 30 Years Old [PICS]

We hate to tell Victoria’s Secret how to run their business, but Eugenia Volodina is turning 30 years old today, and it’d be a really good idea for the company to bring the Russian beauty back to their catwalks. It’s been seven years since Eugenia Volodina has walked the runway for the brand. [photo via…]
Not that Eugenia desperately needs the work. She’s still very busy as a cover girl–and we mean that literally, since we caught her looking hot on the cover of two magazines the last time we hit our international newsstand in the heart of NYC’s Fashion District. The only bad thing that’s really happened to Eugenia in recent years was when something went wrong with her taking over as the official face of the J’adore Dior line. Instead, they went back to using recent birthday girl Carmen Kass.
We think Eugenia got over that, though. In fact, we’re a little nervous that Eugenia’s getting over modeling. She’s also turning 30 years old while talking about studying interior design. Victoria’s Secret really needs to step in and remind her that she’s not getting too old for the catwalk. Just check out these recent hot pics, and you’ll see that Eugenia seems set to be heading into another hot decade…

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