The Newest "Far Cry 4" Trailer Shows Off Its Deadly Elephants [VIDEO]

The Far Cry games are filled with all sorts of dangerous elements and enemies and Far Cry 4 is no exception. This time, the game takes players through the majestic and deadly Himalayan Mountains and according to the latest trailer, they are occupied by deadly and dangerous packs of wild elephants.
Yes, these majestic creatures may look cuddly and cute as they frolic in the muddy waters and roam across the majestic landscape. However, like all of Mother Nature’s creatures, that’s just a clever camouflage for when it’s backed into a corner. These are massive, heavy, strong beasts that can throw down just like any other deadly creature in the animal kingdom. That’s what makes them such a perfect part of a game like Far Cry 4. Sure they can’t sneak up on you and stalk you like a tiger or a cougar but they can pack a mean punch and the footage in the newest trailer for the game shows just how integral they will be to the game and not just as an enemy. You’ll also be able to ride these mighty beasts and literally crush your enemy beneath its mighty feet. Still, they’re so gosh-darn cute when their collapsing your enemy’s rib cage. Check out the new trailer below in the embedded video…
It’s amazing and exciting how the game can go from this kiddie friendly feel to bloody and violent within a matter of seconds. It’s like walking through a zoo where the animals can leap out and kill you at any moment.

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