Madeline Zima Turns 29 With 33 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]

It’s a little less traumatic that Madeline Zima is only turning 29 years old today–since a lot of guys grew up watching her as a little kid on the old Fran Drescher sitcom The Nanny, and some might still be adjusting to how Madeline Zima has turned into a daring actress who’s always ready to play wild characters with sexy wardrobes. [photo via…]
Madeline’s very grown-up career has included lesbian scenes in indies like The Family Tree (with Selma Blair) and the erotic thriller Breaking the Girls (mostly as a Wild Things homage to Neve Campbell and Denise Richards). That second one was after  her very grown-up appearance on Californication–and she later subtly dissed David Duchovny while conducting a smart AMA on Reddit. Madeline also deserved a lot more credit than she got for a nice turn as a decadent gal drinking her way through L.A. in Crazy Eyes. We still can’t believe she was only on episode of The Vampire Diaries, though.
Anyway, Madeline is still working steadily, and we’re looking forward to catching her in the awkward-morning-after movie #Stuck. We’re also looking forward to Hollywood catching on to Madeline as she wrap up her twenties and heads into what could be a very hot new decade–when we’ll be looking back to shots like these…

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