Shei Phan on “America’s Next Top Model” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Shei Phan on America’s Next Top Model

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

There’s a new television season really starting to gear up, so your See Her Tonight column won’t have too many chances to keep catching up on the cast of America’s Next Top Model. There’s a good reason to be paying attention, too. We’ve already ogled the exotic Ivy Timlin and the surprisingly sexy (but wholesome) Lenox Tillman–but tonight’s episode has an exceptionally sexy photo shoot and lots of drama from Shei Phan. [photo via…]

Well, we’re pretty sure that Shei Phan provides the drama. The episode promises that things get complicated with some kind of romance breaking out amongst the competition. We were hoping for Ivy and Lenox to finally get together. Would that be so wrong? But instead, we’re thinking that Shei Phan is going to get intimate with one of her fellow contestants. Probably a male one.

Actually, it looks like all of the ladies get intimate with their male counterparts during a spider-themed photo shoot, but the real romance is supposed to happen during a competition on stilts.

We’ve had dreams like that–particularly about Shei Phan, who keeps standing out in Season 21 of America’s Next Top Model (or Cycle 21, as the show prefers). The wild Vietnamese model has been rocking two-toned hair and showing off plenty of personality. Check out these pics and get an idea of why Shan would make a sensational winner, and get inspired to cheer her on tonight…

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