Ridiculous Footage Of LSU Pledge Brawl Stars Cool Cameraman [VIDEO]

LSU Pledge Brawl

Winter is coming to the South, but things are heating up at LSU. Apparently, these pledges went rogue and started brawling on the quad. Luckily, there was someone there to capture it. While the pledges fought, the cameraman was straight chilling. I’m unsure what’s more ridiculous– the guy in white kicking someone while he’s already down, or the relaxed filming of the saddest fight in America.

It’s unclear why frat bros keep fighting with full filming happening, but it is a great way to get your Monday going. Exhausted from the weekend? At least you didn’t get in the world’s most pathetic “brawl.” Word on the mean streets of Baton Rouge is that this fight happened between pledges on game day–but the average age of the boys in white appears to be about 12, so it’s unclear.

At least Mike the Tiger didn’t get involved, because then it would’ve actually been scary. Looks like the potent combination of first time underage drinking, Death Valley, and the end of summer heat made for a beautiful rumble…

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