Procrastination Is Why Your Grades Suck


College was made for procrastinating. After all, there’s always so much you could be doing, instead. Everyone knows that studying really involves texting, internet stalking, creeping on people at the library, and taking a quick hours-long break to eat everything in sight, all while leaving a book open on your desk.

Unfortunately, all that procrastinating is probably completely messing up your GPA. Remember all those times you put off actually getting something done so you could grab late night pizza, have another happy hour drink at the bar, or Facebook creep on potential slams? By turning in your work last minute you were effing up your grades.

A new study shows that students who turn assignments in right before they’re due have a 5% drop in their grade. Researchers found that out of 777 students, 86.1% waited until the last 24 hours to turn in their work, because that’s how college works.  The average score continued to drop by the hour. The students who turned their assignments in at the very last minute had the lowest average grades.

The research is meant to encourage schools to provide support for chronic procrastinators to “break the habit.” Unfortunately, I think they’d have to start supporting every college student ever, and I don’t think there’s enough Addy in the world for that. After all, no one likes that kid in class who always has his work done about 3 weeks ahead of time–and before you’ve even started to think about procrastinating on it. Now, stop reading this and go get some work done. The sooner you start procrastinating, the better your grade will be.

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