Monday Morning Cheerleader Twitpic Roundup: September 15th [PHOTOS]

Cheerleader twitpics

It was a really exciting weekend of football, with South Carolina shaking up the SEC with a big win over Georgia, to the Green Bay Packers putting on an amazing display of air power–plus Jordy Nelson enjoying a career-high  of 209 yards receiving as the Packers managed to come back from 18 points down to beat the New York Jets.

Some people might have missed out on that action, though. That’s because of those darn cheerleaders who keep distracting the fans. We love having scrappy teams like the Gamecocks and the Packers to cheer on as they make a big comeback–but more importantly, we love hot cheerleaders coming back to the sidelines and reminding us why team spirit is so important.

You can understand why the fans (and the cheerleaders) have to immortalize those moments via Twitter. We’re sure feeling spirited, and so will you after checking out these Twitpics that show off the other action that got crowds going wild this weekend….

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