Kira Kazantsev Is Miss America 2015, But She’s Our Miss New York [PICS]

We’re cool with Kira Kazantsev being Miss America 2015, but we just want you to remember that we saw her first as Miss New York, and we were following her on Instagram first, and we also went through her garbage first. We’re not particularly proud of that last part, but we just kind of felt a special bond with Kira Kazantsev right from the start. It must be some kind of New York thing. [photo via Instagram]

Anyway, here are some pics of Kira looking beautiful on the way to Atlanta City. Enjoy the view, and appreciate how New York is a really liberated place where our Miss America contestants can show off some plunging necklines that they wouldn’t let Miss Alabama get away with. Although we’re still really fond of Miss Alabama and her hot sorority sisters, and we’re available to comfort them all if Kira doesn’t return our congratulatory phone call later tonight…

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