Joy Corrigan’s Sexiest Instagram Pics: Suing Apple, But Not Shy

Joy Corrigan is suing Apple for invasion of privacy, but it’s not as part of the legendary Fappening scandal. We’re also pretty sure that Joy Corrigan minds guys ogling her beautiful bod. She just wants that to happen on her own (perfectly reasonable terms) as a top bikini model who also shows off lots of lingerie lines.

But now we have Joy Corrigan going to court over naked pictures that were allegedly leaked via iCloud. Joy says this actually happened long before the Fappening, but also after Joy went to Apple with plenty of iCloud complaints. TMZ has Joy explaining that she’d first informed Apple of her own private hacking back in July, but that the Apple conglomerate refused to take her seriously.

We don’t have a response from Apple yet, but we’re sure ready to rush to Joy Corrigan’s defense the moment that we get a chance to look good. Until then, we’re rushing to Joy’s generous Instagram account, where she puts up plenty of hot pics that should be plenty for any guy. We don’t understand the mindset where a guy can look at these kinds of pics, and then be inspired to do something illegal. Maybe it’s just a lack of gratitude–or a matter of endurance. But if that’s the case, then just follow up these hot shots with even more of Joy looking beautiful in bikinis

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