Superglam Supermodel Carmen Kass Has A Hot Birthday [PICS]

Estonia-born eyeful Carmen Kass is marking 35 years of adding some glamour to humanity today–and the 5’11” supermodel with blue-green eyes (and a 34-24-34 figure) was built for the job. [photo via…]
Carmen has been igniting catwalks and ad campaigns for all the world’s top designers and cosmetics cabals with her natural knockout looks since she was 14. It all began when an Italian agent discovered the barely high-school-aged beauty in an Estonian supermarket. After her mother refused to allow Carmen to move to Milan on her own and pursue modeling, the unstoppably ambitious teen forged her mom’s signature on permission papers and hightailed it over to Italy’s land of silk and honeys. High fashion (and everything else on earth) has been infinitely hotter ever since.
Aside from making modeling history, smolderingly sexy strategist Carmen also rules as a master manipulator of powerful pieces: she’s the reigning president of the Estonian National Chess League, and her current boyfriend is German chess champ Eric Lobron. Carmen is also a part-time actual politician who ran an impressive, near-miss 2004 campaign for a seat in the European Parliament. She’s also an acclaimed actress who starred in the European mystery film Set Point, and she co-owns her own agency, Baltic Models.
As you wonder how Carmen might celebrate today’s milestone date of birth, consider that her best friend is fellow top-tier fashion goddess Gisele Bundchen. How we do hope those two tall drinks of gorgeous will indulge tonight in a sleepover celebration–and these 25 fine photos will fuel lots of other fun fantasies…

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