Kanye West Won’t Perform Until Guy In A Wheelchair Stands Up [VIDEO]

Kanye West Wheelchair Australia Video

It was just yesterday that we noted it’s been five years since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift onstage during the VMAs–and here’s proof that he’s still a complete creep. Kanye West was graceful enough to travel down all the way to Sydney, Australia to perform for a crowd, and he was even kind enough to take off the mask that he sometimes wears during a show. Unfortunately, getting rid of the mask also meant that Kanye could see there was one person who didn’t stand up when Kanye demanded that everyone in the audience get out of their seats.

Yeah. You can see where this is going. Kanye refused to perform because he could see one guy in the audience who insisted on sitting. And the crowd tried to explain that the audience member was in a wheelchair, but Kanye West can’t be bothered with those kinds of details. In fact, you’ll see that Yeezus insisted on getting it confirmed that the uncooperative audience member was, in fact, in a wheelchair.

Kanye probably thought his music should’ve cured all of the afflictions in his audience by that point. Anyway, here’s the cringeworthy horror. Check it out and rest assured that Kanye didn’t learn a damn thing…

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