Gorgeous Grappler Angelina Love Pins Her 33rd Birthday [PICS]

It’s been ten years since Angelina Love first put our hearts in a headlock as a WWE Diva. That’s an entire decade of devastation—in every sense. Today we celebrate Angelina’s 33rd birthday as she continues to lustfully launch TNA wrestling to ever higher and hotter realms of sexy sports entertainment.
Inspired by her idol Shawn Michaels, teenage Toronto native Angelina broke into pro wrestling under then name Angel Williams, acting as a valet for up-and-comers before stepping into the ring herself. En route to her heights of WWE heat, Angelina brawled her way up through Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling, leaving a pile of defeated female opponents in her luscious wake.
From 2004 to 2007, Angelina redefined just how simultaneously sensual and back-smashingly badass a WWE Diva could be. Since then, Angelina has gone maverick, brawling and bewitching in equaling measures throughout independent wrestling leagues, where she frequently teamed up with similarly wallop-packing warrior women on the beautifully brutal order of Winter, Mia Yim, and Shawn Spears.
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), however, is where Angelina has truly defined herself among the curvaceous greats of squared circle history–alongside gals like Valerie Wyndham, Madison Rayne, Brooke Adams, Taryn Terrell, Christy Hemme, and Karen Jarrett. Valerie’s held the TNA Knockouts champion title six times, and the Knockouts Tag Team crown once.
Partnering in TNA with Velvet Skye, first as Velvet-Love Entertainment and then as The Beautiful People, turned Angelina into a genuine superstar. Her gracefully grueling signature moves such as the Botox Injection, Break a Bitch, Modified Makeover, and Double Holla Elbow continually drive fans into frenzies.
Of Velvet Skye, Angelina has said, “We share a bond closer then sisters; no matter how much time and space come in between can separate that.” Here’s hoping the torrid tag team twosome celebrate Angelina’s birth today in a manner that’s closer than sisters, too. Talk about a couple of knockouts….

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