Does Your School Produce One of the Highest Starting Salaries?


Today’s college graduates might be facing a world of unemployment and stagnant wages but that doesn’t mean a grad can’t make a decent starting salary if they have the right major and the right education. So if your goal is to get the highest starting salary possible, then you might think about enrolling one of the schools that finished on this list. [photo: Mark Wilson/Getty]
The Washington Post crunched the numbers and compiled a list of the schools that produce graduates with the highest starting salaries and the results are a little surprising. You might think that some famous names like Harvard, Princeton and Yale made the top of the list but believe it or not, they didn’t have crack the top 10. In fact, not a single Ivy League school made it to the top 25.
Here’s why: the tech sector. Tech properties are a hot commodity and they are having a tough time finding qualified applicants. Even Apple, one of the most successful companies in the world, is having a hard time keeping their staff totals at an acceptable level. The top honor went to the US Naval Academy where the average starting salary for their graduates tops $80,000 per year. That was followed by the liberal arts school Harvey Mudd College, West Point, Caltech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
So if you’re only goal in life is to make a ton of money without violating some kind of drug laws or running a Bernie Madoff scheme, then here’s your road map.

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