Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Ends Reelection Bid — We’ll Miss Him [MEMES]


Rob Ford Toronto Mayor Reelection

Today marks a sad day in the history of politics because it could be the day that we bid goodbye one last time to one of the most awesome and hilarious forces in the history of world government. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced that he won’t seek re-election and that he’s dropping out of the race. [photo: Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty]

Ford made it official by failing to file his paperwork to enter the race as a candidate for mayor before the deadline passed. Instead, his brother Doug who currently serves as a councillor will run in his place. This doesn’t mean that Ford is going away from politics altogether. He’ll still run for his old job as a ward for Etobicoke North where his other brother Michael is currently running for the same seat. It’s expected that Michael will vacate that election as well.

His decision not to run is due to unforeseen medical problems. He’s currently in the hospital after doctors found a large tumor in his abdomen. He also wasn’t doing well in the polls after finishing second to his opponent John Tory. It’s kind of sad that Mayor Ford couldn’t do one last crazy thing, though. The guy deserved something more epic–like maybe dropping out of the race after getting caught smoking an apple bong at a Blue Jay game on Cub Scout Day.

Of course, Ford is most famous for being caught on tape smoking crack. Not once, but twice. He’s also got a whole host of baggage behind him that could fill an international airport–from his weird opinions about bicyclists to his hilarious response to a charge of sexual harassment  We hate goodbyes, so here’s a look back at some of the best memes produced at the politicians who somehow always kept his chins up…



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