The Next Gen “GTA V” Gets November Release and New Trailer [VIDEO]


Grand Theft Auto V didn’t just break a bunch of sales records. It also broke new ground on just how good a video game should be. It’s got everything a hardcore gamer could want: deep story lines, interesting characters and plenty of opportunities to create more mayhem and destruction than a coked-up bull at a Hummel figurines convention. Now just imagine how good such a game would look on the next generation of video game consoles.

Rockstar Games’ fifth entry into the Grand Theft Auto universe will be released on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the PC on Nov. 18th. The game will not only have a slicker look and feel but it will have 100 more songs than the first release on the game’s soundtrack. Players who pre-order the next generation version will also receive $1 million in spending money for both the main game and Grand Theft Auto Online. 

Rockstar Games made their big announcement by releasing a new trailer showing off the next generation graphics that players can expect to see on the new consoles and the PC when the game gets its big release right before the Christmas shopping season. Check out the new trailer below in the embedded video…

We forgot just how insane this game was but the trailer reminded us. It’s got all sorts of crazy stuff like aliens, clowns and the whirlwind of constant trouble that is Trevor Philips. He’s like a Rob Ford who can run fast without getting winded.

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