Ravens Fans Wearing Ray Rice Jerseys Look Exactly As You’d Expect Them To

Those of you who’ve spent any time near Maryland know that Ravens fans are a special breed of NFL fans: they’re fiercely loyal, love their team (“PURPLE SUNDAY!”), and aren’t afraid to show support for players who have done some extremely shady (if not murderous) things off the field.

So when they had the opportunity to be in the national spotlight during last night’s Thursday Night Football game, no one was really surprised that a few choice Ravens fans would go against the grain and show support for #27. Nor should these fans be surprised when the national media chose to put them in the national spotlight.

*FYI, there in the spirit of fairness there were also a ton of Ravens fans who showed up to disapprove of Ray Rice.

And the thing about it is, these are exactly the kind of people I’d expect to show up supporting Ray Rice. Hardcore Ravens fans to a fault.

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