Jenna Jameson Missed “Couples Therapy,” See Her With Larry King [VIDEO]

Like a lot of people, we tuned into the new season of VH1’s Couples Therapy this week–which began its new season with record numbers for the show. And then, like a lot of people, we were really disappointed that Jenna Jameson and MMA fighter John Wood weren’t in the opening episode. It seems the producers of Couples Therapy decided that Jenna Jameson and her battling boyfriend were going to be a special Mystery Couple that wouldn’t appear until later in the series.

The good news, though, is that carries Larry King Now–so we made up for missing Jenna by checking out her appearance from last October with the broadcast legend. It was a really interesting time for Jenna. She was pushing her erotic novel Sugar and dealing with lots of rumors about drug abuse. Jenna was also an official former porn star, although she’d soon be discussing a return to going in front of the cameras.

Larry King does an admirable job of chatting up Jenna here, and his guest is also in great shape. This would be the most articulate that we’d get to see Jenna for a long time. King gets her talking about relationships and her personal life, and it’s probably going to sound a lot more rehearsed on Couples Therapy.

Also, Larry King gets Jenna to talk about how she finds men with beards to be really sexy. Hey, a bunch of guys just became hipsters. Now get hip to Larry and Jenna…

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