Houston Texans Cheerleaders Free Style Friday: Night Game [VIDEO]

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Freestyle Fridays

We have a few Friday NFL traditions, like saying goodbye to our paycheck as we lose it all on some of the most boneheaded bets in the history of wagering. There’s a lot more to enjoy with the Houston Texans’ Cheerleaders and their Freestyle Friday videos. It’s a special inside look at when the ladies drop their choreographed moves and let their NFL freak flags fly.

This has been a winning season for the gals, too. We’ve seen the Houston dancers do some sexy shopping and gyrating at the gym. This week’s entry has the Houston Texas Cheerleaders keeping it closer to home. Check out the action as they take a few steps off the field and use some NRG Stadium lighting to show off their moves.

We can’t blame the ladies for celebrating in the stadium, either. The Texans’ got off to a great start last Sunday with a win over the Washington Redskins. Now we’re ready to bet that they’ll do just as well up against the Oakland Raiders. You might not want to follow our lead in exactly how much we’ll bet, though–but we’re feeling really good about the odds of you enjoying this video…

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