Baltimore Fans Deface Ray Rice Jersey — His High School Takes It Down

[photo: Rob Carr/Getty]

[photo: Rob Carr/Getty]

It was a very interesting start to Thursday Night Football, as the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Baltimore Ravens–with the big story being the aftermath of the Ray Rice suspension. There was a depressing amount of ladies proudly sporting Ray Rice jerseys. The good news, though, is that there were other football fans (like in the above pic) who had fun defacing their old Ray Rice merch. [photo: Rob Carr/Getty]

Meanwhile, things are looking bad for the Ray Rice jersey that’s been on display at Rochelle High School in suburban New York. That’s where Rice went to high school, but the authorities there have removed his NFL jersey from its wall of fame–along with a placard honoring Rice. A high school jersey from Rice remains on the wall in the gym however.

Rice has seen his life get turned upside down this week with his emotions going from the possibility of rejoining the Ravens on Friday morning to the video coming out of him punching his fiancé to being suspended indefinitely by the NFL. It is possible that he never plays in the NFL again and the high school probably would love to get rid of everything post-high school that Rice has done now.

It’s only a matter of time until it is better known what will happen with Rice now that he has been cut by the Ravens. The time may have come to go back to his old high school and start over while taking a look at what he had accomplished in the past. New Rochelle did the right thing here in all aspects of the situation. Maybe one day, the school can be proud of him again.

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