ASU Brings Us a Jetpack That Can Make You Run Faster [VIDEO]

asu jetpack

Mankind has always dreamed of being able to fly and even though we have things like planes and helicopters, what we really want to do is fly like Superman. Since we’re still waiting on the flying cars we were promised when we were kids, that dream’s probably going to take awhile but Arizona State University may have taken the step we need to get there with a jetpack that can improve a person’s run time.

Students from ASU’s School of Engineering built a prototype for a jetpack designed to make a person run faster called the 4MM (four-minute mile). It’s a light weight, jet propulsion device that the runner wears on their back and can propel them forward and actually increase their running speed. The project came from a request by the US Military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that also wants to come up with an Iron Man-style combat suit for their troops. The jetpack reduces the amount of force during a regular run in order to give the runner more thrust while they are running that propels them forward and allows them to move much faster. The device is still in the testing stages and ASU posted a video demonstration of the device on their Vimeo page. We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure…

ASU may have a reputation for being a bit of a party school but it’s nice to know they can still produce cool stuff like this. However, this sounds exactly like something that a drunken frat boy would dream up when he’s filled to the gills with delicious alcohol and ranting about how “it would be so bitching if people had thrusters like drag racers on their backs.”

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