35 Thrilling Pics For “Shameless” Emmy Rossum’s 28th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Emmy Rossum 36

It’s another big birthday for Emmy Rossum–which means pretty much every birthday has been a big deal for the rising starlet since around 2004, when she broke through in the schlocky disaster film The Day After Tomorrow and the classier schlock of the musical Phantom of the Opera[photo via…]

It’s kind of weird that it took the Showtime series Shameless to really help her become a real favorite–and where the beauty has held her own against hotties like Daria Badanina. Emmy’s really taken off as a hot babe who also packs in lots of personality. Beautiful Creatures couldn’t make her a movie star, despite a breasts-baring outfit that got us in the multiplexes.

She’s still done hot photo shoots (and smart interviews) for the likes of Complex and Esquire. We’ve already compiled our favorite Emmy GIFs, but here’s an overdue Emmy gallery of very hot poses and some more adorable pics–as she rocks into over a decade of rising stardom…

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