Sherilyn Fenn: Throwback Thursday Peaks At The '90s Sex Kitten [PICS]

Twin Peaks debuted in the early ’90s as weirdo filmmaker David Lynch’s landmark ABC nighttime soap opera, and has began to beguile even more fans with the recent release of Twin Peaks: The Complete Mystery. The comprehensive DVD/Blu-Ray set wraps up the show’s scant seasons of slow-burn surrealism, nightmare visions, alternate realities–and, above all, a female cast of ripe young knockouts who exude danger, mystery, and sexual provocation so powerful it borders on being otherworldly.
Lara Flynn Boyle, Sheryl Lee, Mädchen Amick, and Joan Chen all broke into the big time via Twin Peaks. There was one bust-out vixen who truly embodied the show’s explosive eroticism, though.Sherilyn Fenn became an overnight sensation as Audrey Horne–a voluptuous brunette with piercing eyes and dangerous grin that Lynch once described as “five feet of Heaven in a ponytail.”
Sherilyn’s sultry character slinked about and secretly schemed while filling out too-tight sweaters that turned Twin Peaks’ title into a dirty joke. She also–in a milestone outburst of TV daring–demonstrated her ability to tie a cherry stem into a knot using only her tongue.
Post-Peaks, Sherilyn reigned as one of the 1990s’ definitive Hollywood sex symbols. To late-night cable fans, though, she had already scorched the small screen as the torrid star of 1988’s Two Moon Junction, an endlessly re-run softcore potboiler with Sherilyn as a lusty Southern belle that largely set the template for the “Skinemax” era. Even earlier, Sherilyn sexily stood out in teen flicks such as The Wild Life, Thrashin’, The Wraith, and Just One of the Guys, where she repeatedly attempts to get busy with Joyce Hyser.
The 1998-2001 Showtime series Rude Awakening eased Sherilyn into her post-sex-kitten phase . Since then she’s worked regularly in scores of movies and TV shows. Sherilyn has gotten curvier while entering into her prime MILF years, and is presently heating up Ray Donovan as the kinky wife of an FBI agent who’s into group gropes, exhibitionism, and partner-swapping.
So let’s throwback this Thursday to Sherilyn Fenn in her Twin Peaks prime. Enjoy this gallery of a femme fatale at her height of hotness with a signature style that, much like Twin Peaks itself, is at once classic, cutting-edge, and uniquely her own…

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