Necar Zadegan on “Legends” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


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Necar Zadegan on Legends

(9:00 PM EST, TNT)

There’s one thing that the See Her Tonight column really loves about spy series–and that’s all of the international beauties who show up amongst some international intrigue. That includes Necar Zadegan looking very exotic on the new TNT series Legends. We’re not sure if Necar Zadegan will be settling into a recurring role, but she’s sure helped launch the spy show into a recurring presence in our living rooms.

Necar has also become a regular presence on the American small screen. She started out as a theater gal, but quickly became a big deal after stealing scenes as a tough widow-turned-international-leader on 24. That was back in 2010, and Necar followed that up with the short-lived sci-fi series The Event–along with an indie film called Elena Undone that landed Necar in a hot role as a latent lesbian.

Necar didn’t have any better luck with American television series, though. Emily Owens M.D. didn’t last long, and she neither did Rake–although Necar joined a line of ladies there that included Natalija Ugrina, London Elise Moore, and Susie Abromeit. Maybe it’s for the best if Necar isn’t around on Legends for too long, although these pics will get you ready to tune her in tonight…

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