“Jeopardy’s” Alex Trebek: The ‘Stache Is Back!

alex trebek

Back in 2001, the game show world mourned the loss of one of its most iconic images: the mustache of Alex Trebek. They’ve been apart for a long time but we’ve just learned that the mighty ‘stache and the source of all his awesome power is coming back for the new season of Jeopardy!.

The long-running game show host announced that when the new season starts next week, viewers will be greeted by Trebek with a brand new mustache. Trebek said in an interview that he originally decided to shave off his famous facial hair back in 2001 “on a whim” and during his most recent break, he didn’t feel like shaving again. So for two-and-a-half months, he grew one back and when it came time to start taping new episodes, he didn’t feel like shaving it off so he decided to keep it.

You’ll be able to watch the new 31st season of Jeopardy!–and Trebek’s mighty crumb collector–on Monday, Sept. 15th. We’re just ecstatic that Trebek decided to bring back his old partner in crime. We really missed it. It’s going to feel like an old friend who we haven’t seen for years suddenly come back into our lives after going on a long journey when the new season starts.

And maybe this will inspire other former famous mustachioed celebrities to bring back their lip caterpillars as well. Just imagine all the great facial hair we’ve lost over the years just because a few people said that they went “out of style.” We really hope this gets guys like John Oates and Tom Selleck to consider growing something awesome on their upper lip once again.

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