Coco Rocha Turns 26 In Time for New York Fashion Week [PICS]

We know at least one New York Fashion Week Party that we’d like to attend this year–assuming that Coco Rocha has time to have a birthday party as she turns 26 years old today. This classy Canadian babe has a lot more things to cover than your average supermodel running around NYC this week. Coco Rocha is one of the fashion scene’s favorite gals, but she’s also in big demand as a television personality who can provide some genuine insight into the fashion scene. [photo via…]

There’s a reason that an innovative fashion photographer like Steven Meisel jumped on Coco (so to speak) as soon as she began to work the catwalks. Meisel could tell that Coco was bright enough to really bring his wild visions to life. Coco has since become a real favorite of all the fashion types who need a model with the brains to live up to their own ambitions.

Coco soon proved to have some ambitions of her own, and was very comfortable being outspoken about plenty of issues in the modeling industry–including eating disorders and how children were treated on the runways. We first caught her covering the red carpet for MTV Video Music Awards back in 2010, and Coco has since become a regular commentator on all kinds of shows.

She’s also still one of the fashion industry’s most fascinating gals as a model.┬áCoco has always worked an extreme look, but also transforms in front of the cameras to whatever style best suits the designs. Sadly, she doesn’t bare her bod as much as any guy would like. Coco is still a shockingly sensual presence–and her fellow models love her, which is why you also get some pics with guest stars like Kate Upton

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