Ashley Sky Goes Gloriously Black & White In Lingerie for Galore [PICS]

Ashley Sky is featured in some black-and-white studies for Galore magazine, and you’ll want to study these images. In fact, we’re pretending that these are stills from Ashley Sky’s sexy spy movies that she made back in 1962 before she started time-traveling and came to save the planet with her sexy presence.
In real life, of course, this is just Galore magazine saving the internet with sexy pics of Ashley, and the new issue (with Ashley on the cover) is also online with a great interview–where Ashley provides insight into the life of a hot model who’s also a social media wizard.

We especially like Ashley’s three tips for Instagram success: “1) Be consistent; 2) Create quality, clear images; 3) Post regularly.” Those of words of wisdom that every hot model should immediately start following on Instagram.
Especially the part about posting regularly–and really, really especially if you look like Ashley Sky doing a Galor photo shoot…

Anyway, we’re happy to see Ashley Sky skipping over yet another milestone in her wild rise to becoming one of America’s hottest young models. We’re celebrating below with our collection of Ashley Sky’s most stunning GIFs–but you might also want to check out Ashley’s sexiest Facebook photos, or her wildest Instagram photos, or Ashley’s hot shoot with Terry Richardson, or other things that have made Ashley our idea of a true internet star…

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