Young Daft Punk Rises To Anonymous Fame In New Biopic “Eden” [VIDEO]

Daft Punk is one of the hottest music duos in the industry today so it was only a matter of time before someone gave them their own movie. Rather than just do the starring vehicle thing like Prince or Britney Spears did before their popularity started to fizzle, they decide to lend their name to a movie about their budding stardom for a new indie film called Eden. 

The movie is about a teenager from Paris who discovers and falls in love with electronic dance music back in the 90s and decides to form a garage DJ duo with a friend called Cheers. They start to meet other musicians in the movement and run into two friends who form their own duo called (wait for it) Daft Punk.

The movie follows their rise in the music world and the journey that they take along the way that’s also filled with all the usual music career staples: heavy drug use, mindless sex, late nights spent partying until you have to be carried to a place to sleep. The teenager also begins a relationship with an American woman played by Greta Gerwig. Check out the trailer below in the embedded video…

Of course, the movie will feature a kicking soundtrack featuring music from Daft Punk and Frankie Knuckles. At least if the movie turns out to be one of those boring French films where people talk endlessly without making facial expressions, we’ll at least have some good music to listen to while we’re watching it.

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