You Can Now Gift Real Beers To People On Facebook

Budweiser Lead

Screw the new Apple Watch, the best tech-related news we’ve heard today is that now you’ll be able to “gift” Bud Light or Budweiser beers to people via Facebook. This is not an April Fool’s joke–you can now virtually send your friends beers. Even better is that if you send it to your friend on his birthday, it’s free.

Obviously we’re a ways away from 3D-printing a pint of cold beer in our homes or offices, so for now Anheuser-Busch is sticking with an online voucher (powered by Gratafy) which the recipient can redeem in-person at a local bar or restaurant.

This awesome new Facebook development is a two-part program that’s rolling out first in Denver and Chicago:

·         Bud Light Birthday – Users will be prompted to send a free beer to their friends on their birthdays
·         Buds for Buds – Users can purchase a beer (for $4.50 – $6) for their friends to celebrate other occasions

For those of you who are still wondering, yes, you still have to be 21 to redeem these beers.

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