Natalie Skyy on "Sons of Anarchy" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Natalie Skyy on Sons of Anarchy

(10:00 PM EST, FX)

Let’s all join the humble See Her Tonight column in getting really excited over the return of Sons of Anarchy tonight–and get ready to stay up late, people, because it looks like we’re getting two and a half hours of biker craziness as the final season launches. Also launching–our eyeballs out of our sockets as our inseams go sky-high over Natalie Skyy.  [photo via…]
It was just about six months ago that we were at a convention that had been taken over by a Sons of Anarchy crowd, and quickly had to prove our bonafides as a true Sons of Anarchy fan. We calmly brought up that we were disappointed that Natalie Skyy hadn’t shown up, and then got really smug while noting that the alleged biker groupies didn’t even know the name of the actress who played Kiki.
Which, to be fair, was kind of an unfair advantage. We’re sure that Natalie is thrilled to be part of the Sons of Anarchy empire, but we’ve always hoped that the show would take more advantage of her wild-gal presence. We’re pretty sure that Kiki didn’t even have a name until some of last year’s episodes.
The really important thing, though is that Natalie Skyy is back for this season–and it even looks like she’s getting proper billing in these very important final hours. We’re just as excited about the lovely Lea Michele joining the cast, of course, but take a look at these pics (including lots of sexy selfies) to see why Natalie has us riding tall…

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