Michelle Williams Turns 34 As One Stealthy Sex Symbol [PICS]

Michelle Williams turns 34 years old today, and we just want to remind the world that nobody thought she was going to be a movie star back in the ’90s. Katie Holmes was the official big deal on Dawson’s Creek. Michelle didn’t get any kind of real attention as part of that teenage crew. She was really cute, but Hollywood probably had her slated for a sitcom career–even after she starred with Kristen Dunst in the really great political comedy Dick back in 1999.  [photo via…]
But things worked out just fine for Michelle. She has three Oscar nominations behind her (for Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine, and her turn as Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn),  and can be very selective in her projects. That means some obscure indies, work on Broadway, and the occasional splashy turn like her work as a very good witch in Oz: The Great and Powerful. Also, she’s a heck of a sex symbol. Michelle can seem waifish, but she’s also been a proper sex bomb–and these birthday pics will remind you of a remarkable range…

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